Monday, 29 December 2014

2014| Christmas at the Chiwara & Hubbard's x

Christmas for me is about sharing special moments with the people I love so much and enjoying all the happiness and love we share: the small things like the Christmas Eve walks, the fresh air and the beautiful views, and the cheeky smiles and laughing which was loud and constant! Christmas is magical seeing the magic of believing when my little brother and sister read their letter from Santa which they loved so much; to see the happiness when you’re loved ones open their gifts. It was a very special Christmas and I felt truly blessed to see my friends, family and Justin happy and enjoy Christmas.

In one of my classes at university, we had to find Christmas in the city, but the place where I think I truly see the spirit and meaning of Christmas come to life is in the Nativity on Christmas Eve and the Christingle service in the church we go to. When the lights are turned out and the candles glow from the orange of the world, it is evident to me that the light and sparkle of Christmas is in people’s hearts in that moment and for their life going forward. I look forward to that moment and it is wonderful and it felt extra special that Justin was there.  Seeing my sister Jackie in the Nativity for her final year made me so proud and happy that she is growing up but still keeps the belief in faith which is present at this joyful time! 

I hope everyone had a lovely peaceful and happy Christmas and winter break, relaxing and enjoying Winter with lots of Hot Chocolate and delicious food, I feel so blessed and thankful to have the life I have! 

Love Emma. xx

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