Friday, 2 January 2015

Reflecting on 2014: Going forward to 2015!

It is amazing to take a pause in your life and see the achievements, accomplishments which you have achieved individually and with my loved ones. This year has been one of the best of my life especially spending so much time with my family and friends and boyfriend Justin. I feel incredibly blessed to be able to have all the experiences which I have and the opportunities which make my life so incredible. There have been personal struggles but together with the people I love and care about, I have smiled, cried with happiness and laughter, experienced new memories and cherished old times.

             I can achieve things which I never believed were possible such as running a Half Marathon in Bath for Mind and a 10K for the British Heart foundation in London. I learnt that running helps me feel calm and relax as it makes you feel amazing; running by the sea is the best!
·         Living by the seaside in a cute town which at first you didn't really like was the BEST decision you ever made by moving in with my Boyfriend to our own flat which since April we have been creating a home which has so much love, happiness and laughter! I learnt how loving, strong and courageous my boyfriend is how nothing will stop him from being a kind hearted and generous person: I am so lucky to be his girlfriend and I appreciate everything you have done and we will continue to do in 2015. I love you. x
·         That signs, destiny and fate are so significant that timing is everything and luck has been on my side. Prayers do get answered when you pray and have faith in a greater being.
·         Watching Netflix will become an addiction especially with my boyfriend that we watched Mom, and we are the Millers, so many episodes of TV shows and films.
·         Being a woman in 2014 was inspiring for me as I was involved in helping at the Spirit of Womanhood art Exhibition for Women’s Interfaith Network - On twitter as: @wominet and the film day and I had the privilege of interning for them in the office and attending the AGM.
·         Taking photographs is one of my favourite things to do; I especially love jumping in Sunset pictures and have so many of those photos from 2014. I love nature photographs and capturing moments of joy with my family, friends and Justin.
·         I completed a Counselling skills course and it was one of the best experiences and taught me so much about myself, and reaffirmed that I have a gentle and soft voice and so many people tell me this.
·         Seeing my family grow up makes me so full of pride as the big sister, as Jackie started High School and Andrew is in the last year of Infants school, it makes so proud and Julia is continuing with her beauty course and she is becoming more talented every time I see her.

  • More fun things which happened in 2014: Enjoying a weekend break, Going on our first holiday to Blackpool, Having adventures with my family at LEGOLAND, seeing their faces full of happiness and having the best time, also going to Brighton and spending quality time with Justin’s family. Seeing my family and spending time with my family! Having so many amazing days out with Justin - going to the cinema to watch lots of films at the cinema as we are ‘filmoholics’, going bowling together. Seeing the wonderful Bhaktivadanta Manor and experiencing one of the most peaceful days of my life and going to the Jewish Synagogue and religious buildings, doing yoga and seeing the cows and experiencing the Harri Krishna way of life for a day.

My new year’s goals for 2015: 

·         Explore new things and have more adventures in Kent and London.
·         Continue with my passion of going to Religious places, and exploring faiths
·         Keep running half-marathons and 10K for Charity – 1st February 2015 my next one for Cancer Research UK – a 10K London Winter Run with my friend Adele.
·         To give my ultimate best to my degree for the next six months so that I am so proud that I completed the hardest, most challenging and exciting three years.
·         To do something positive making the world a better place for the present and the future.
·         Focus on giving to my family, friends and my boyfriend more – to show more appreciation and love.
·         Film a video every day that I am university until I finish my third year starting on the 5th January so I will always have something to watch and in the future hopefully show my children/grandchildren.
·         To look to the future with positivity and embrace all opportunities which are given to me.

Here is to 2015, I hope you bring blessings, happiness and health to you all, my loved ones and myself. I hope it is a year where your dreams are made and the hard work from 2014 is continued and developed as we grow and learn! 

With Love, Emma. xx

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