Monday, 21 July 2014

Sparkle in glittering water!

Capturing the beauty of a butterfly has always been a photograph I have wanted to take, although it is not quite there yet, I hope to photograph one properly this summer! But I am very happy with this picture, practice makes perfect! I love sunsets, seeing the sky change colours is so beautiful and makes me so happy when I see them I can stand there looking for ages. Making a splash in the river is always fun and the perfect way to cool off on a summer’s evening. I love discovering new places to advernture in a place I have called home for so long. As the sun was setting, rabbits were skipping around the park but it was such so quick in the moment to watch them but so cute. Today I registered my place to run a 10K in London for the British Heart Foundation: a charity very close to my heart.

With love, Emma. x

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