Saturday, 26 July 2014

Enjoy every sunset, Look forward to every sunrise!

There is something magical about cycling by the sea, with the breeze in you hair and feeling the sense of freedom and happiness that cycling gives you. I love the feeling of peace I feel by the sea and it is so calming but continuing forward the bike, like in life move forward and you will succeed. I love the smell of BBQ's, the fires on the beach, the colorful beach huts being used and seeing so many happy people in the sunshine. But I do love jumping off my bike and taking pictures of the beautiful sunsets. When I see flying kites, it reminds me of being a child flying my blue panda one which I loved so much, but it is a lovely sight to see. Loving life and seizing life makes me feel a tranquil happiness with the sea.

Do you enjoying cycling? Everyone should try it!

With love, Emma. x

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