Sunday, 20 July 2014

Strength in a spectacular wonder: YOU!

Mountains are so grand as one of the world’s most spectacular wonders which I realise the extent of human strength that a mountain holds, but also it can enable you to see the strength in yourself and other people. On their life journey as walking a mountain: whether it is a real one or a climbing challenge in your life: Face the challenge of life with courage, take a risk or leap into a new adventure. It also is incredible to me, the number of people that walk mountains everyday, and how their life paths may never cross again but the mountain path has been walked by so many people with so many different journeys. The intricacies of the details in the world is quite magical: such as rain on plants or a spider’s web. Seeing new fruit come into the season nearly ready for being picked makes me feel joyful that soon I will be enjoying home made apple & blackberry tarts!
Today is for living, I aim to create days that I will look back on and think I made a difference to the world, I helped a person, I made someone smile: to me, these are the important.
With love, Emma. x

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