Saturday, 20 April 2013

Wandering through the streets of Brighton brought out the inner rebel inside me that wanted to capture the street art that was painted on the walls around the lanes. 

 I love the artistic feel, and the relaxed vibe that surrounds the lanes of shops. The relaxed and happy atmosphere made me feel so happy. I love the reggae music playing in the shops, the friendly couple from Hastings that talked to me in a cafe, the shop assistant that was jamming to music saying that "working with music makes me feel more happy and being happy makes the job better for me". Also, seeing plenty of flowers outside the florist shops made me even more cheery on the sunny day I spent in Brighton :)

The quote "Smile x" written with Grapes on my flapjacks because sometimes you just need reminding that smiling is important!

Random advice from a tree quote from Pinterest written out by me on a Tree card.

 Sunset over Whitstable (:
Canterbury Cathedral!

Random sunny day walks through beautiful Gardens!

 These are a few of the happy moments my lens has captured on camera since I haven't written on this little space in a long time. Here's to hopefully more photography & regular updates.

Keep Smiling & dreaming! 
With Love, Emma<3

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