Sunday, 11 November 2012

Scrapbook Sunday - Cherish the moments

Hello lovely people, Welcome back to the blogging sphere, with life adventures. From the 20.10.2012-22.10.2012, I went to visit my Best Friend Siobhan in Exeter,making the 266 miles journey from the South East zigzagging the motorways on the trusty National Express, but it was worth it for the amazing weekend that we had. From our lovely meal on the first night to playing monopoly with the neighbours and winning 3/4 of the board in a team effort and being defeated at the last opportunity. Although it was a pretty good effort from me, as it was my first time properly playing monopoly.

From the first row across: The delicious meal Siobhan and I cooked, honestly so lovely. / 2/3. Exeter Cathedral flowers and the view from the centre walk way of the organ. / Siobhan sitting in a stone wall. / Standing on the Stairs in Exeter Museum Siobhan's OPI Nail vanish - Sparkly glitter nails / The Classic mirror photo/  The best flapjacks / Hall way photo.

Staying up chatting about our university experiences whilst painting our nails sparkly colours and then as soon as we woke up on the Sunday going to watch The Perks of A Wallflower, which was incredible. Followed up by a quick tour of Exeter Cathedral and a tour of the museum; beating Siobhan at the Child's game, by clicking the bird, and trying on Roman ensembles (Still children at heart - Always will be Forever Young). After a group of us went to The Old Fire House which was a beautiful place and food for a very reasonable price and the atmosphere was really nice too with wine bottles with candles in the top as the centre piece of the table and fairy lights all around - A lovely place & time overall!

We decided to rise early on the Monday to make Flapjacks, so that I could have some delicious food for the return journey, and my batch of flapjacks were so big, but were beaut with the melted chocolate in the middle. 

Pictures from this week...

1. Plaited hair
2. Essie Nail vanish in Trophy Wife 
3. Pic'n'Mix sweets - such a reminder of going to Woolworth's and getting sweets when I was a child, it was great.
4. My attempt at cooking Spaghetti Bolognese 
5. Bridge Graffiti 
6. Soaps from a Craft Market by Homemade Harmony.
7. First Winter Starbucks - A Peppermint Hot Chocolate which was lovely on such a cold day.
8. Pink Haze behind the trees.
9. A beautiful cat jumper, wearing it reminds me my cat back home.


11.11.2012 - Remembering  the heroes who gave their lives to the services of our country, and thoughts are with the people who are serving the country presently,past, and in the future. We will remember you!

P.S: Hope you like the new header for my blog and the ending photo with the speech bubble.

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