Thursday, 5 July 2012

Seize every opportunity to be outside!

Hello! It has been a while since I have done an outfit post, so here we are, it was actually due to walking home that I took these photos. I really like the wall background, especially with the leaves as well, it just blends.

Flowers in a pretty garden!
When I'm older I would love to have a pretty garden full of flowers, it just looks so lovely.

 Outfit Details : T-shirt - Primark, Skirt - Dorothy Perkins, Cardigan - Charity shop.

Sitting on the hand rail of the steps, to take a picture of my shoes but it came out how I wanted it too. I was glad that the photo managed to capture all the green leaves underneath my feet.

Window box flowers!
The clouded sky today!
I think I am a little addicted to taking random photographs of flowers, but I can't resist when they look so beautiful. If I was lucky enough to ever to take photographs as a job, I would be a flower photographer. It is such a therapeutic thing to do.Does anyone else find themselves taking photos of flowers?

Peace & Happiness, Love Emma <3

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  1. lovely photos- i love your outfit especially your shoes xx


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