Sunday, 1 July 2012

1st Scrapbook Sunday - A Pic'n'Mix of my loves, my life and myself through pictures and quotes!

Scrapbook Sunday 1 - A Pic'n'Mix of my loves, my life and myself through pictures and quotes! 

Hello beautiful people, this is my first creation for the scrapbook Sunday, and I have really enjoyed creating this. Most of the photographs used are older photographs and the experiences in these photographs have brought so much happiness and fun to my life, truly some of the happiest times in my life.  The background paper was brought from a shop called Red Berry, it is truly beautiful shop and I think the paper is supposed to be used for wrapping presents but here it is as a background paper. I really love the pattern and it conveys my love of nature; singing birds, blossoming trees and butterflies,etc.

I am a nature person at heart and I love walking in fields and as seen in some of the photos, lying in fields of flowers. I love the beauty of quotes and how they can change your outlook throughout the day and make you feel more positive, quotes truly inspire me. The focus of the collage, although not central is the girl in the dress with the quote "Watched by society, trapped by rules, freed by love?" I actually covered her face with a photo of me wearing a mask which I brought in an excited wave of impulse spending. Sometimes, I think that this quote is true because sometimes you can feel constricted by rules, regulations and policies. But in my romantic view of the world, I do think that you can be freed by love, just by loving the world we live in, loving the family and friends around you, the things you surround yourself in your life, and every hope and dream that you have for yourself and for others around you! 

Keep Smiling! Love Emma <3

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