Saturday, 14 July 2012

Find happiness spinning in the rain

Hello! Today, the weather was rainy in the day, when I took these photographs. Sometimes, I just get the feeling that I should just click away on my camera and see what the results are. Although, it was quite difficult to cover my Tripod with an umbrella *balancing the umbrella on a post and having your tripod on its smallest setting- not good!* , hence the bridge cover. But I was wearing a very colourful outfit, the wild print jacket is so warm and lovely for these colder days. I love bold and bright colours just enhance the happiness you feel, and I believe that the colours of your clothes your mood and how you feel. Does anyone else believe that the colours of your outfits reflect your mood?

Outfit details - Print Jacket- Charity shop,Blouse- Charity shop, Lace top/dress - H & M, Leggings- Blue Banana

I used to wear these leggings so much, and I have forgotten how truly beautiful the pattern is. I love anything floral. I probably think I am committing a big fashion fail by wearing double floral prints but to me, it really doesn't matter if you love the clothes you are wearing! 

 A couple going for a boat adventure in the rain! 

Birds & the puddles! I think it is quite nice how the camera managed to capture the one bird in motion, but it was lovely to watch them flying back and forth to the hedges. 

Peace & Happiness,Emma.<3 

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