Saturday, 25 February 2012

Treasure every beating heart that sets your soul on fire!

I am so lucky to volunteer in a charity shop that has the most beautiful clothes donated, especially this Pink Coat which was an amazing £2:50. Also, today was the first time I have worn the skirt as pictured above which my beautiful friends Siobhan and Chrissy brought me for my 17th birthday. I took these pictures in the Priory Groves and it is such a beautiful place full of trees and happy memories for me. In the spring it is so beautiful there because there are so many bluebells which are such pretty flowers.
I think my elephant bag is so beautiful and it was another charity shop purchase,back in the summer. When I was randomly looking through Tumblr I came across this inspiring journey of a young girl called Juliette who is on a mission to save elephants - Here is the How I became an Elephant - official trailer
Also, if you are interested in reading about this inspirational story then you should read this website Website – howibecameanelepahant I think this will be an amazing film and I look forward to watching when it comes out in the U.K.It was a beautiful day and everything is always happier when there is a little sunshine around, hope everyone enjoyed the sunny weather (:

Love Emma, <3

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