Monday, 13 February 2012

Rose sorbet coated with romance :)

My outfit from today consisting of a floral headscarf, white blouse, flowery jumper, black velvet shorts and grey tights. Aw, this cute lady said she like the flowers on my hair band and then went on to tell me about her vintage business :) I found this beautiful tea and cake apron whilst I was sorting through clothes and I thought it was absolutely great and perfect inspiration for my upcoming tea & cake get together, so lovely, as always impressed with the goods given to the charity shops in our area. The last picture is such for jokes really but big hair is back to rock'n'roll.

I hope everyone has a beautiful Valentine's day whether you are in a relationship or single because it is just a time of love but make sure that you make every day with the person you love a gesture because
 "on a random day and the joy you'll receive then from a partner will be so much more satisfying." 

Smile brighter and bigger, Love Emma, <3

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