Saturday, 8 October 2011

Soon you'll grow so take a chance,With a couple of Kooks,hung up on romancing

I went to Canterbury Christ Church University today for the open day. Canterbury is beautiful, it is such a place filled with historical interest and really dainty and quirky shops which are just really suited to my personality, but it combines this with the modern and high end shops. Finding the university was difficult at first but I eventually found my way after asking numerous people for directions. The university itself is filled with interesting and the courses look proper amazing for both subjects which I am looking at which are Sociology and Religious Studies. The people I spoke to spoke about their subjects with such a passion and were lovely. I am really considering as it is a great option, the Sociology course is broad and covers a wide range of topics which I am interested in such as Philosophy, Political Policy and Social Psychology. Whereas, Religious Studies covers all the World Religious Traditions & I love to go back to learning about different cultures because theology in Sixth Form is very Christianity orientated.

Summary of the journey I left for Abergavenny early at about quarter past 5 from where I live, we were at the train station by about 5:40 and I got my train ticket which was £70 - cheaper than I expected for a 4 and a half hour journey, also, I had seen quotes on the Internet for around £88/90 pound. So, I was in luck there! The trains down to London were great, even though I started crying when the route I thought I was supposed to be going on wasn't working because of some engineering or something. That made me so scared that I was going the wrong and everything but thankfully I pulled myself together and everything was okay- I went on the brown line, getting off at Oxford Circus, going northwards to London St.Pancras International and then getting the Margate train to Canterbury West. On the way back, getting confused by the brown line being across from the Oxford Circus line, I ran across to the South bound line and ended up realising that I had gone the wrong way as soon as I got on, so I got off at Piccadilly Circus and went back to Oxford Street and finally went the correct way. I was pretty pleased with that seeing as that only time I have ever travelled the London Underground was in 2000 to go to the Millennium Dome and I was 6 years old. However, I did look like a complete tourist taking pictures of every train station I actually got off at, I am a individual who leads a very amusement filled life.

Photographs from the day

The Courtyard bizarre was so amazing, it was a cute little vintage and thrifty stalls. I had never been to one of them before so it was so great.really enjoyed just walking across it and I would love to go to more thing like that in the future.I brought a pair of for £15 -Minnetonka Men's Original Cowhide Driving Moccasin are the type of shoes I brought are selling on Ebay for £45 ish pounds, so I think it was quite a good deal. They are really comfy and it looks like I will get good wear out of them.

Awh, how cute is this little ladybird crawling on my camera bag strap. I love Lady Birds. <3

The Pond :)

How pretty is that- so lovely! On the road just by the university.

What a way to kill time in Newport- taking photographs of yourself on the floor on self time with your camera on a bench.
The mask I brought to wear to Cardiff next weekend for Siobhan's 18th Birthday, because hopefully we will all wear masks because we are very cool :D

David Bowie - Kooks :)

Once you replace negative comments, with positive feeling, your'll see the positive possibilities!
Love Emma,Keep Smiling :) <3

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