Wednesday, 11 April 2012

I might fly away, in my hot air balloon!

1. Hot Air balloons are absolutely beautiful and I saw this coming back from the train station a few weeks ago now. I actually was like a little child when I saw it, I would absolutely love to go to the Bristol International Balloon Fiesta (& my internet research informs me that it is free to attend-incredible and I think I will paying a visit to it, and staying to watch the mass assents of the hot air balloons!)
2. A printed jacket which I really like the colours and pattern of, I think it is truly a bold statement piece of clothing and it is so warm on those colder spring days.
3 & 4. Happy Easter 2012, I hope everyone had an amazing day and my Easter was filled with this basket, but I really do love the quotes I found to tie on to it. So full of chocolate now, and still have more to eat!
5. Photo board which I decorated with amazing paper from a local craft shop and the gold and floral tissue papers are being recycled.
6. I used to think it was so cool to be able to walk around with the portable C.D player and I found it when I was decluttering my room. Now I listen to the chilling tunes on this when I am revising, so calming!
7. My glasses in there bright pink case, the packaging is really jazzed up!
8. A picture of me wearing my new glasses and I will be definitely will be these glasses so much more because they are just amazing and I can see everything so much more clearly.

(Sorry for my lack of posts, I have been busy revising, volunteering in the charity shop and being ill, but I promise that this will be changing soon and I am working on writing an lengthy blog posts.)

Stay golden & glittery, Love Emma.<3

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