Monday, 30 April 2012

Always follow your intuition. It's the traffic light of the soul.

Hello, sorry I haven't blogged for a long time but I have been busy with college, life and revision. I am now 18 - Adult life is treating me well so far.I had a Lovely 18th birthday full of happiness, wine, dancing and constant laughing, chilling with the family and then going out to party.
 Let's hope the happiness and positivity continues for the rest of this year.

Blossoming flowers look so pretty:) 

 My little sister jumped on my back mid photograph but I think it looks quite cool. Thumbs up for the wet elbow patches. Holla rained grass :)

My 18th Birthday badge which flashes in the dark, looks so cool :) 

My Flake birthday cake which was so delicious :)

Puddles & the reflections of the trees :)
"Sometimes it takes a detour we never would have chosen to take to get us to make a decision we need to make."

Peace, Smiles & love,Emma <3

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