Sunday, 27 November 2011

Winter Wonderland comes to town. 26/11/11

Grey t-shirt - H&M
Yellow Scarf- Charity Shop.
Grey dove cardigan- Topshop 2 years ago.
Red High Waisted Shorts- Charity Shop
Tights- Primark
Shoes - RSPCA Charity shop (Hereford.)

Because I'm immature I decided that I would take a photo in the little child's sleigh so aswell as Me just having a photograph I made all the girls have a photograph taken in there too = children.

The reindeers came too the Winterfair - So beautiful.
This is Siobhan's hand and her beautiful £1:25 cake from one of the stalls. They tasted incredible I had a Toffee Iced chocolate cake which was lush.
The Band was on fiercely loud but it was good, they played the countdown!

Fire Juggler in town, He was amazing moving around juggling it aswell, and throwing them quite high up :)
My little sister sang around the Christmas tree before they switched the Christmas lights on and it was beautiful. & It was just a really great day. The new shop in town Mi Casa is so pretty too,if I had more money saved up I would definately buy some things for my room from there, hopefully they will have an amazing Christmas sale in the New Year & I will have more money by doing more jobs! In my opinion it is the type of shop that you just walk into and feel happy because the  things in the shop just are so pretty.
The snow machine really did make it feel like Christmas/Winter. I really hope it snows sometime in December but not in January because exams come first. 
In a few days probably December the 1st,I am going to put the Christmas fairy lights up around my window to get into the Christmasy spirit.
Stay happy, Love Emma <3

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  1. i love your yellow scarf! aw, that town looks so pretty and wintery! :) xo


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