Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Bright Beams!

Pink bag- Welsh Air Ambulance Charity Shop.
Purple Skinny Jeans- Dorothy Perkins.
Shoes- Welsh Air Ambulance Charity Shop.
Say No To Racism Top- H&M

This is a beautiful video.

This outfit is quite bright and pretty colourful but I think it suited my mood today because I have been feeling so happy for all of this week.Today was my Mum's Birthday; It was lovely to eat too much food and have loads of cake.
My mum has had 2 consecutive birthdays where we have all been off school, last year because of the snow and this year because the strikes were happening- such a lucky day :)
My mum does so much for me and I'm truly grateful and so appreciative.
We are so lucky to have a wonderful mum, I love you so much! & Thank you for my amazing family for everything by supporting me with college and for the future.

I volunteered in the charity shop today and we were so busy, there are so many amazing people who come into that little shop and it truly makes me smile to think that most people walk out happy with the things they buy. You meet so many inspirational people and people who are going through so many challenging experiences. This man and his wife were so funny they came in looking for a pair of trousers and a jumper because they were visiting the area and were trying to get their picnic ready outside and the husband fell over & had mud all over him. But the man had a facial disfigurement but he was the happiest man I have seen for a long time because he was just so upbeat. It really made me see the positive side of life and that looking beautiful on the outside isn't always everything because it is truly the inside of a person that makes the glow shine out of them, their smile, the things they do and their personality. The man kissed all of the volunteers on the cheek for helping him to find something to wear, it is the the things like that I will remember when I am looking back on this year.

Gossip Girl was amazing as always.I'm really looking forward to going to the debate about the for and against arguments of public schools tomorrow, it is always interesting to see what people have to say about these type of issues. I hope to get into the festive spirit by making a festive wreath in the flower shop in town and I hope to go to this class on stain glass painting as well; so hopefully I can give these gifts as a present as I personally think it is better to receive a present that has a lot of thought put in to rather something from the shop - traditional values.

Love Emma,Stay Happy!!<3

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