Monday, 31 October 2011

Happy Halloween!

From Siobhan's 18th Birthday :)

Paper Mosaic Flower done on the 23rd October 2011 in the shop "Oh!" as part of the Brecon Arts Festival. It is an amazing idea and I really hope that local people really get involved and support this opportunity to see Artists work and to gain skills in different Arts. Not just in Brecon, but on Global scale, I believe the Arts should be appreciated. Creativity inspires people of all ages!
"Imagination is the beginning of creation. You imagine what you desire, you will what you imagine and at last you create what you will." - George Bernard Shaw.

Apart of my wall, its a work in definite progress - coming along though & it is something pretty to look at.

Ah, look at this beautiful Ted Baker alarm clock, from the charity shop in working order once you feed the thing batteries. It is my first proper alarm clock and it should be useful for the 5:20 a.m early mornings, as we are back in college now and the days are getting darker in the mornings and evenings.I guess I should start carrying a torch to walk the way to the bus stop seeing as one of the ways I walk is past the council offices which stupidly in my opinion; In the summer months had the street lights on early in the mornings and in the evenings but now the autumn has started happening while since September they have decided to turn off all the lights off which surround the council offices.

I do love the Autumn and Winter months though as they are so pretty yet so cold, but not for along with the amount of jumpers I have accumulated over recent months despite my mothers growiung complaints, but jumper collection is vastly expanding as very time I visit a charity shop, I see another special beauty to add to the collection in the ever increasing jumper storage which consists of the cupboards,the cupboards which go around the attic room and today, my mum brought a cupboard from aldi's which is placed right at the bottom of the stairs. But atleast it will give me time to keep expanding. I love bonfire night and the fireworks, Halloween, & fair which comes to town.

& This is my newest Jumper which would be absolutely perfect if I had a boyfriend who liked/played Golf.  It was £3 from Gwynfe Cat Welfare which is a charity shop that rescues kittens and cats from danger or abandonment.

"Golf : A game in which you claim the privileges of age, and retain the playthings of childhood."

"To some it’s just music, to us it’s all therapy. Every cd is a package of raw energy. Street wrapped and delivered to you, special delivery. Pick up your emotion, take it out of the case, take it in, but don’t swallow, take a moment to taste. Let it flow through your senses and roll with each sentence, and build up to the point where you see your reflection!"

Love Emma, <3

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