Sunday, 14 August 2011

My face just lights up every time I look at this!

You know the days when you don't expect anything beautiful to happen to you because it is just another day in the charity shop you work in but then this camera just falls in to you're hands and you're heart melts. It just goes to show that you never know what treasures will fall in to you're lap when you are not expecting anything.
This is a BEAUTIFUL camera.

I will always remember sitting by the traffic lights on the junction by Morrisons with Siobhan and Hana trying to fix the lens to the camera.  I will remember focusing the camera so well I could actually see the Give blood sign at the Theatre which I could not see because I didn't have my glasses. Screaming with happiness at Siobhan when she fixed the lens together for the first time, she is just a technical wizard. Looking at a man through the camera and him saying that you should be looking at better looking lads not old people. Just feeling happy that I was able to share in the next part of the cameras life journey and the feeling of absolute JOY when I bumped in to my Nan in the Co-op and she lent me the £5 extra which I didn't have but I needed to pay for it. The Oreo biscuits <3
This camera is so connected to my life because the happiness I felt when I saw this thing was pretty close to the excitement I felt when My Reading Festival tickets came.Going to Chrissy's house and curling our hair and taking photographs on her Polaroid and she actually let me keep one- ah it is so beautiful.

Love the world. Peace & Hugs- Em <3

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