Saturday, 19 May 2012

Keep your head up & the patterns wear brighter.

Smiley greetings from the happy world of flowers and bright colours. Today has consisted of revision and volunteering in the charity shop. This is what I wore today, the floral play suit which is from H&M. It was actually the first time wore it and it really made me happy with a pink blazer from a charity shop.

The third picture is my actual face when I picked this up out of a black bag in which I found this, as most things come into the shop in black bags. It is so happy looking and I think the black balances out the bright colours.My comfy coloured, bright cardigan which is absolutely beautiful. I am so addicted to buying jumpers/ cardigans especially ones with unique prints and retro inspired designs. 

Some people are addicted to smoking, beauty products, here I am with a spiraling out of control jumper/cardigan collection, but it makes me so happy. I would love to see more British made jumpers in mainstream shops, if anyone knows any quirky print jumper shops I would absolutely love to know. The majority of jumpers I have collected have been from charity shops, and therefore a bit older and some have British made labels.

The giraffe jumper just makes me feel about 5 but it it is such a comfortable sweater, just perfect for chilling in. The daisy jumper is really warm and really amazing at warming you up on cold days and I love the flowers daisies too. I always try to make a daisy chain in my attempt to be reminisce on my childhood.

If you are a reader in America, the U.S.A or anywhere around the world, you might be interested in supporting Amnesty International in their campaign to support Afghanistan women,to be protected and to keep their human rights. I really do believe in this cause and it may be of interest to those of you who believe in human rights. Here is the link to the blog post about it: Blog post about Afghan women's rights! Also, there is an advocacy action letter you can send to politicians in America and it can be signed by people all over the world and campaigning via letters. Link to the Amnesty USA action letter.

Be Happy & Have a great day :)
Love Emma. <3

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