Thursday, 22 December 2011

Stand steady as the stars!

This design makes me feel so festive and I just think it is so pretty.
Cath Kidson- Christmasy Tissue Paper which is now on my wall under purple backed wrapping paper.

The Christmas decorations Me, Andrew and Jackie made :) Aw it was so funny!

Random french Christmas fabric which my Nan gave me. Love her. <3

The Christmas Tree :) So much tinsle and colour, I love it!

Just love this quote on the drinks coaster.

Even Christmas candle holders can be festive with a golden reindeer.
Aw this is cool.

This year has helped me to become the girl that the person in year 7 would have liked as looking at the person I was back that I wanted to help so many people, & I still do now. It may not happen overnight but I want to make a difference to people's lives even if is by helping people smile.
 I am so appreciative of the opportunities that I have this year because they have been wonderful. Wearing Russian hats and fooling around in the snow, going to the cinema so much, Cardiff shopping so many times, Reading festival, the summer - spending a day at Llangors lake, going to the beach. Going to so many beautiful places and exploring places like Canterbury and Leeds, finding the museum in Cardiff and going to amazing and inspirational debates, Buddhist mediation's. Taking part in the Arts Festival, Making things which I will treasure,Creating photographs which I will cherish forever with people who have left a mark in my life, the strangers who are beautiful and bring you happiness.
At the start of Sixth form, I was truly shocked that I even got the GCSE grades to even do A Levels, but now I have offers from 2 of the best universities in my opinion and an interview offer. The fact that university is even an option for me surprises me and it truly makes realise how much I loved school and college. People may not think this important but to me this is so important because this could give me the chance to chase my dreams which could eventually be turned into a reality.
Now it's Christmas, This year has gone incredibly quickly and I believe that shows that I have enjoyed it so much.I am absolutely happy and content with my life. I may have the head and heart of a person who lives in a dream world but so far this has made me see life in a beautiful way and I am so lucky to live the life I lead. Thank you for creating a life for me with so many blessings.

To you reading this, I wish that everything you wish for comes true and that your life brings you happiness and love. Love Emma.<3

P.S- Hope you like the festive pictures and sorry for the ramblings!!

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